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Qur'aan is God's words

Even though many Muslims believe that the Qur'aan contains the words of God,many Non-Muslims are still thinking that Qur'aan contains Muhammad's own words.This is a wrong mindset.

God has bestowed Al-Qur'aan on Prophet Muhammad to teach the people the right way and to preach about the great qualities of God.Not a single word in Qur'aan is from Muhammad.This is even proved in Qur'aan.
Refer: Al-Qur'aan:10:15 , 10:37 , 11:13 , 11:35 , 16:101-103 , 69:44-46.

There are several qualities in Qur'aan which prove that it is God's words.Some of them are:
  • No Controversies
  • High quality words
  • The Musicology
  • No time controversies
  • Even uneducated people could understand
  • Scientific proofs
  • And the most important proof : Muhammad's life - He did what he preached exactly.
Note: Will expand all the headings in the future
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