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Vishwaroopam : Review

          'Vishwaroopam Movie has been banned in Tamil Nadu, India' is the hottest news that is being imaged.Vishwaroopam movie ban was not only agitated by Muslims but also the Tamil Nadu Government.'The Government involvement was to maintain peace and security in the state' said Tamil Nadu chief minister.

          But Muslims' agitation was due to different reasons.There were so many reasons.The main reason was the image of Terrorism in Afghanistan.If the movie was released only in Afghanistan , then there would be no agitation.The agitation is because of the release of the movie in different parts of the world.The Muslims' image diminution is screened all over the world is the main reason for this ban.

          This will lead to image diminution all over the world.This causes many disputes between non-Muslims and Muslims.Nobody will recognize Muslims at high positions.Every person will fear Muslims and will not give any jobs to them.No person will try to convert to Islam.There are so many problems with with this release.

          Anyway,the film was released on February 7,2013 with many cut scenes and censors.The film was run in many theaters in India and overseas.But it became a flop due to its slow moving scenes and lack of thrillers.

            This also lead to the rise of Islam.Because many people came to know about Islam.They became interested in reading Qur'aan.By Allah's orientation,Many people converted to Islam and Islam became one of the fastest growing religions in the world.
Note:I believe you too will read Qur'aan, open minded and come to know that Islam is true.
Vishwaroopam : Review Reviewed by Abubucker Siddiq on 12:14 PM Rating: 5


  1. Consider a scenario in which the tail of an elephant is cut, fitted it to a monkey and the public is attracted by the deception that there is an elephant sitting on a tree!

    • Here the public viewers of this scene are not fools themselves but they are dumped to believe that there are elephants that can climb upon a tree and can sit on the branches of a tree!

    • Here the public viewers of this scene are not fools themselves but they are dumped to believe that there are trees that can host elephants on its branches!

    Such is the case of the movie named 'Vishwaroopam'. The movie has cut a couple of symbols of Islam and fitted it to what they call, terrorism.

  2. I wanted to know if the editors and aiuthors of the blog subscribe to the view that Muslim Women shou;d not drive cars . I recently read a storu that Women are banned to drive in Islamic countries


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